SriRamakrishna Kudil – A School Extraordinaire’

Ever since Amar published a story on SriRamakrishna Kudil last year , I have been wanting to visit it and spend some time with the kids there. So when I planned for a ride across Trichy, Pudukottai and Tanjore I was very keen to spend some time at the Kudil. I called up my friend Vivi who talked to the Kudil people and ensured I got accommodation there for a night.

For the uninitiated, SriRamakrishna Kudil is a residential school providing free food, education and clothing for orphaned children and children below poverty line. The school was founded in 1949 by Brahmachari Ramaswamy Adigalar based on the principles of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The school saw patronage from stalwarts like Kirubanandha Variyar, MGR, Anna Durai, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

The amazing thing is that the kids are all disciplined enough and manage the running of affairs of the institution all by themselves with only 5 adults to supervise around 350 kids.

Sri Ramakrishna Kudil located right off the Trichy-Karur highway after the Toll Gate

I reached the Kudil by 4.30 PM famished after riding down from Chennai for 6 hours in the Sun that showed no mercy whatsoever. I was accorded a very warm welcome by Mr. Sukumar at the Kudil office who helped me offload my baggage and showed me my accommodation. A Kudil resident student Sivakumar helped me get settled in my room which by the way was the room stayed in by the likes of MGR, Kirubanandha Variyar, Kamarajar etc. The room was spacious and good enough for a decent stay. The accommodation is aptly named “Anbargal Illam”.

“Anbargal Illam” – The place where stalwarts like Kirubanandha Variyar, MGR, Kamarajar etc stayed

After settling in and freshening up I asked Sivakumar if we could meet the secretary Brother Karuppiah and he gladly took me across the road to the Kudil. Meanwhile talking to Sivakumar, I learnt that he had been a Kudil resident all his life and is currently enrolled in ITI education.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – On whose ideals the institution is built

Brother Karuppiah welcomed me with a big smile and offered me a traditional welcome with a huge glass of tender coconut juice. We got talking and I learnt that kids study till 10th grade in the Kudil and based on their academic performance, they are enrolled in ITI which is a gateway for an engineering education later. The top 10 performers are enrolled in Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic school in Chennai and the rest are enrolled in other institutes in Musiri, Trichy and other nearby areas. It was Dr.MGR who reserved 10 seats in Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic school in Chennai for the Kudil students. He also told me that the kids took care of every single task in the Kudil thereby ensuring them that they grow up responsible citizens with life skills strong enough to not just survive but also make a mark in the society. But I had no idea as to what extent he meant.

Revered Brother Durai with the kids

I was so eager to meet the kids and Brother Karuppiah assigned me a student Hariharan to take me around the Kudil. The first stop was to meet Revered Brother Durai who is the current head of the institute. By the time I got introduced to Brother Durai and came out, the students were all hurrying up performing various tasks around the institute.

The kids were pretty curious to find out who I am and why I’m there. But they were hesitant to come talk to me. I could see all sorts of signage from kids around, asking Hariharan to tell about me. I ofcourse took the initiative and introduced myself and broke the ice. That was good enough to get the kids around me shooting various questions. Ofcourse the predominant question that a lot of the kids asked was if I was a Vijay fan or Ajith fan. Being an ardent Rajini fan that I am, I felt a slight tinge of disappointment which was soon overcome by getting to know the kids.

Just as the ice broke, the kids all gathered around

Hariharan took me around to see the Prayer hall, computer center, a room for stitching clothes, class rooms, auditorium, cow shed, the huge playground, lunch room, kitchen, garden and the river Cauvery that runs right on their backyard. While we covered all these places I could see kids everywhere cleaning the premises, gardening and performing a lot of tasks that I myself have never done before. But they were all happy to see a friendly outsider in their midst who was crazy happy to click everyone’s pictures.

Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay Style – He dropped his broom to pose for a pic Vijay Style

The students day began by 4.30 AM when they wake up and be ready for prayer at 7 AM. Once that’s done, they take their breakfast at 8 and attend classes from 9 AM to 4 PM. From 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM, the kids do all their daily chores like cleaning, gardening, cooking etc. They play for a while, do a prayer, study for a while and retire to bed by 8.30 PM.

Daily Chores – Not much of a chore when you have fun with your brothers doing them

The most amazing thing is that nobody tells the kids what needs to be done. They all know what needs to be done and take to their responsibilities quite eagerly. There is zero adult supervision. Although younger kids are supervised by older kids. And everybody does their tasks on a monthly rotation basis so all the kids get to perform all the tasks.

A little break

The kids do have their occasional quarrels but then they regard each other as brothers and their quarrels are immediately sorted out and they go back to work together. Hariharan who was accompanying me throughout said there have been very very few instances of boys running away. A lot of the kids who have passed out come back to do service at the Kudil. One such kid who passed out has devoted his life back at the Kudil, taking care of the cows.

The lovely cow Ambika

The institute has about 30 cows and the kids all take care of the cows assigned to them. They have a special affection towards their pet cows and they compete each other in taking care of them. The institute is kind of a self sufficient place with cows for milk, gardens for vegetables, flowers and fodder for the cows.

Master Chefs

The most amazing thing was that the meals were prepared by the children themselves with the recipes handed over to them from generation to generation. It is a complete vegetarian environment and the kids take Rasam rice, Sambar rice, Upma, Dosa, Chapathi for their meals. Here is one of the kitchens where kids are preparing food for the Brothers.

The Large Kitchen

The kids take sanitation seriously and they take bath twice a day before entering the kitchen to prepare their food. I had a chance to eat there the night I stayed and I should say I was blown over with the taste. All I had was Dosas, Chapathis and Rasam rice but how could I not enjoy them when served with their little hands and large hearts? And by the way did I mention that my accommodation and food was completely free and the Brother did not ask any money even in donation?


By around 6.30 PM, all tasks are done and the institute bell rings indicating the completion of all tasks. The most beautiful thing is that the kids did not show any sign of disinterest in performing the chores. They were going about it as if it is the most natural thing to do and all the while having fun. I contrast this to my attitude when I was a teen when it was a mountainous task for my mother to make me do chores around the house. I can honestly say that when these kids graduate, they will have more life skills than I have accumulated over all these years.

Hariharan – The future Computer Engineer

I’d be damned if I didnt mention about my interactions with Hariharan, my guide thoughout the days I spent there. Hariharan was a child labour who was a cleaner in a lorry service, sold pani puris and did odd jobs before being enrolled here at the Kudil. He joined the Kudil starting from 1st grade while he was old enough to attend 5th grade. He has a family in Thuraiyur who comes once a year to see him. He is also allowed to visit his family during the holidays but he hasn’t stepped out of the Kudil since the day he joined here since he likes being with his brothers. He is currently studying 9th grade and aspires to be a Computer Engineer. While he looked up to me for inspiration, I couldn’t tell him that he was actually being my inspiration.

Hariharan is just one example. All the boys have a story each and to hear them is very moving. And ofcourse I did leave with a heavy heart.

My new friends

The institute had been run self sufficiently till recent times. However with the rising headcount and rising costs, they have started to accept donations from outside. In case you would like to brighten up the lives of these kids, you can donate to the following bank account.

Canara bank account no: 8434101007411
Cheque/DD payable at Sri Ramakrishna Kudil, Thirupparaithurai.
IFSC Code No.CNRB0008434 MICR No.620015023

For more details on the Kudil, click here

Oh and before I signoff, incase you are anywhere close to Trichy do pay the kids a visit and I’m sure the learnings can be two sided.